Wed. May 29th, 2024

🎶 Oooooh, I’m blinded by the lights 🎶 …. Literally. 

A Grab delivery rider crashed into the back of a lorry parked on the rightmost lane at Marina Coastal Drive earlier in January 2022. He was blinded by the afternoon sun’s glare and did not see the said lorry, leading to the crash. 

The rider, who goes by the name Luqman Sha on TikTok, posted a video of the incident on his account. You can watch the full video below: 

@sha_s2 a week has passed and everything still hurts & it was only a month since I got my bike out of the workshop😭 #tiktoksg #sgrider #grabfoodsg #cb400x ♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Summary of what happened to the Grabfood rider in the video

  • Luqman Sha was riding his motorcycle on the right lane of Marina Coastal Drive when the sun’s glare temporarily blinded his vision 
  • Realizing that this can be somewhat of a safety hazard, he tried blocking some of the sunlight from his vision. 
  • He also tried to keep a safe distance behind a van 
  • Before he knew it, he collided with a lorry in front of him thinking that the van switched lanes. The lorry was actually parked along the road. 
  • After colliding with the parked lorry, Luqman also got hit on the head by an incoming taxi who did not see him lying down on the road 

He sustained some injuries –  some broken teeth, a broken finger, bruises and body aches – and is currently recovering. 

Doing more for our delivery riders 

Delivery riders are subjected to harsh weather and uncertain working conditions. Safety is one of the many issues that riders have to deal with. Unlike most of us who still have medical leaves, hospitalisation leave to ensure we still have income due to unprecedented health conditions, delivery riders don’t. 

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In the event that they sustain injuries from accidents from being on the road, they won’t have an income stream without doing the work. This will be a problem for those who are the sole breadwinners of their families. 

Associations like the National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA) and the National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA) help to ensure that this group of workers have a supporting entity to turn to, and a voice to address problems or issues that they face in their line of work. 

Powered by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), these two associations are a part of the Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit (UFSE) who champion freelancers and self-employed persons from all walks of life. 

During the pandemic, when the livelihoods of these SEPs and FSEs were affected by the pandemic, UFSE and its associations stepped in to help provide and support relief schemes for members. 

So Luqman Sha, and other delivery riders out there, don’t be 🎶 blinded by the lights 🎶 when things like this happen – there are always avenues to find help. Reach out! 

By Zahra