Prices of popular fish spiked ahead of Chinese New Year, but FairPrice is keeping its price down

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TL;DR – Now you know where to get your favourite fish at.

Prices of some popular fish, such as Chinese pomfret and red grouper, have spiked ahead of Chinese New Year, with some sellers at wet markets doubling their prices, reported The Straits Times.

In an article published on 26 January, The Straits Times reported that six wet markets were selling fresh Chinese pomfret for as high as $90 to $100 a kg, up from $40 to $50 a kg last November, while the red grouper was priced at up to $75 a kg, from $30 to $40 a kg in November.

While the price increase is expected during the Chinese New Year period, stallholders also have feedback that the increase was exacerbated by floods in Malaysia last month.

As some of these popular fish prices go up, NTUC FairPrice, however, has managed to keep its price down. Reportedly, the fresh Chinese pomfret is currently priced at $50.90 a kg, while the red grouper is also going for $50.90 a kg at FairPrice.

Meanwhile, at Sheng Siong, the prices for both fish were slightly higher than FairPrice, but still lower compared with wet market prices, with a kg of pomfret going at $63.99 and a kg of red grouper at $69.99 respectively.

In a Facebook post, FairPrice group chief executive Seah Kian Peng said that FairPrice group will always try their best to moderate any price increases and keep basic essentials affordable, even when prices for most, if not all items have gone up.


Nice! Now you know where to get your favourite fish at.

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And oh, don’t forget to bring along the Pioneer Generation card when you shop on behalf of your senior family member too!

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No one’s gonna judge you for it because that’s how we make use of the different schemes available and to help us stretch our dollar, amirite?

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