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TL;DR – Why did Jamus Bro take so long to share Chief’s post?

If you’re not aware, the Committee of Privileges (COP) had presented its report to Parliament regarding the lie made by former Workers’ Party (WP) MP Raeesah Khan, on 10 Feb.

This Raeesa Khan Saga (or #Raeesa-Ga as I call it) is such a delicious distraction because it’s just so mind-blowingly scandalous. You don’t even need to drum up the dramatics or come up with click-bait headlines! This story just writes itself!

There’s the protagonist vs antagonist, the sidekick and confidante, the orbital character (uhuh! We see what you did there Sylvia!) and the extras (and for this, I have my eyes on you Faisal. Don’t ask me why, we’re not going to answer that question.)

And the plot twist! Raeesah started this whole mess known as the villain who almost single-handedly undid decades of progress made by the opposition.

But now she’s simply the victim of just very bad leadership. And her very limited vocabulary.

For those who have combed through every page, every sentence and every word…you’re amazing!  I looked and realized it was more than 300 pages, text were really teeny-weeny and there were no pictures, so I decided to turn to social media. I was just blown away by the number of succinct versions there are- not just articles but videos too, within hours after the report was published.

Anyway, as soon as report was released, so did the defenders, detractors, and keyboard warriors. Not forgetting the apolitical ones too because suddenly…EVERYONE wants to have an opinion and sometimes, their own theories about the COP and share them on social media.

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I was trawling Facebook yesterday to read all the posts and the comments. And I discovered something interesting.

So Pritam uploaded this post yesterday at 5.01pm:


This same post was shared by many of his WP comrades, almost immediately.

Except for this guy.:

Jamus only shared Pritam’s post very close to midnight, more than 5 hours later.

Now aren’t we all in the habit of sharing posts, be it a visual, article or videos that simply ‘speaks to us’. At the same time, through this sharing, others too can get a sense of our personality and beliefs.

Our social media activity can give extraordinary – and often unintentional – insights into our mental wellbeing. The types of posts we make and how frequently we make them say much more about who we are and what’s going on in our lives than the words themselves.

Jamus is no small fry in WP. He is an MP and is the deputy head of WP’s Policy Research team. So isn’t it only normal, for us to expect him to stand united with his party, in this time of crisis?

And for someone who’s exceptionally eloquent and warm-the-cockles-of-your-heart charismatic, I was hoping he’d pen an encouraging note to rally for continued support from WP’s camp.

Why did he take so long to share the post?

It’s baffling, at least to me.

Did he need the time to read through the COP report first, mull over the details, before deciding the post?

Did he only post because of…peer pressure?

Or was he busy tallying up brolly sales?

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Like I said, this story writes itself.


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