Waste collectors in Perak collected over RM2,500 worth of ang pows during CNY!

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TL;DR – Izzat and his friends received ang pows every day throughout the Chinese New Year week!

A group of waste collectors in Perak has collected over RM2,500 worth of ang pows, fruit, packets of flavoured drinks and snacks, during Chinese New Year this year! ❤️In a series of TikTok posts, TikToker Muhammad Izzat shared the generosity he and his colleagues have received from residents while doing their work during Chinese New Year. Just look at the smile on his face!


Alhamdulillah, rezeki. (We) collected waste and the Chinese gave tangerines, drinks, and ang pows,” Izzat shared.

Izzat also added that he and his friends received RM430 on 31 January, RM809 on 1 February, RM774 on 2 February, RM238 on 3 February, and RM202 on 4 February.

“We received ang pows every day. After work, we opened and counted the money to share equally among ourselves.”

Apparently, Izzat and his friends received ang pows every day throughout the Chinese New Year week. How nice!

Many netizens left heart-warming comments on his post, as they expressed joy and appreciation for Izzat and his colleagues. These gifts were tokens of residents’ gratitude for these essential workers’ hard work. ❤️❤️❤️

Waste management is a critical service. Essential workers like waste management workers put in very hard work to keep our environment clean, and the work that they do is certainly very tough! Can you imagine the state of your estate in just a few days without their hard work?

Give these workers the due respect and appreciation where you can! A smile, a drink, some food, an ang pow, you never know how much your kind gesture means to these workers who slog so hard to keep our estates clean…


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