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TL;DR – Salty people everywhere.

Gold bars, checked. Thick gold chains and bangles, checked.

Hermes bags checked. Rolex watches checked.

Yes, I am referring to the betrothal gifts which Socialite Kim Lim has received from her fiance on Wednesday (16 February). These lavish AF gifts amounted to $2 million, reported The Straits Times.

Kim Lim, whose father is billionaire Peter Lim, got engaged to her husband-to-be in September 2021.

In case you are curious, the gifts included: 15 gold bars, eight pairs of giant dragon and phoenix bangles, two huge gold necklaces, gold rings, gold earrings, two Hermès bags, a pair of Rolex watches, and a variety of (undoubtedly very expensive) dried goods.

Unlike your average Guo Da Li, which usually sees the groom-to-be presenting the bride-to-be’s family with gifts that represent fertility and prosperity, Kim Lim’s Guo Da Li is definitely over-the-top which unsurprisingly made many netizens salty AF.

Netizens react

Some netizens call her a show-off.

And then there are also those who have probably never seen the world or so much gold in their lives, think that they are doing Chinese Kong Teck.

For the benefit of those who don’t know, Gong Teck (功德 or Kong Teck) is a Buddhist or Taoist grand ceremony to celebrate the peaceful passing of the deceased.

Some lamented that she should donate the money to the poor instead of flaunting her wealth.

But news flash! SHE DID. And probably more often than you, sir.

And here we have one netizen who’s probably read too many conspiracy novels in his free time.

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As another netizen pointed out in his reply to Mr Gabe Seah, “the ultra-wealthy definitely timed their GDL perfectly, to happen 2 days ago in order for ST to pick up and publish news article on day of Budget statement”.

We’re sure they totally did that!

The thing with GST (also known as goods and services tax) is that it is a tax that is applied at a standard rate to almost all goods and services with few exemptions, making it efficient to administer.

In other words, the more you spend, the higher GST you pay.

And in this case, the billionaire heiress’s husband-to-be has already contributed $140,000 to the budget – which will be disbursed to provide help where family and community support is inadequate via social transfer.

The Dive: A Curious Look at Where Our Funds Come From


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