Malaysian Foodpanda delivery rider wears a prosthetic arm to work after losing it in an accident

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foodpanda delivery rider with prosthetic arm

TL;DR – He wears the prosthetic arm to “cover his imperfection” whilst he’s out there making a living.

A Malaysian Foodpanda delivery rider has won praises from netizens for his earnest effort as a food delivery rider, despite the struggle of having to work with only one arm.

According to World of Buzz, Ahmad Nabil Rosli has lost his left arm in a freak motorcycle accident which took place 5 years ago.

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The 23-year-old young man recalled that he fell asleep while riding his motorcycle when the accident happened. “My left arm was badly injured when the bike I was riding skidded off the road divider. We eventually decided to get it amputated,” he said in an interview.

Covering his imperfection with a prosthetic arm

Adding that he has come to terms with what happened, Nabil said he has also gotten used to wearing a prosthetic arm while doing deliveries. He revealed that he chose to wear the prosthetic arm to “cover his imperfection” whilst he’s out there making a living.

“I don’t want people to sympathise with me. I want to stand on my own feet. Also, I want customers to feel comfortable with my presence,” he explained.

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Nabil recalled the time he forgot to put on his prosthetic arm as he was rushing to deliver a customer’s order, “When I arrived at the customer’s house that day, the child of the house owner (who came out to pick up the food) quickly ran into their house. Probably they were scared because I only have one arm,” he recounted.

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Also a TikTok Star

Apart from working as a food delivery rider, Nabil is also quite an influencer on TikTok.

With over 84,000 followers on TikTok, Nabil would share his working experience of working as a food delivery rider on his TikTok account.

@ahmadnabil400 Pejalanan santai.🐼#Fyp #fypシ #ridersatutangan ♬ Dalamo Dalamo – DJ Opus

You can check out his TikTok account here.


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