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TL;DR – Same same, but different.

If you’ve tasted Milo in other countries, you might have noticed that it often tastes slightly different from the one we are all used to. This is because it has numerous recipes all over the world.

And Singapore’s version of Milo is “more malty” and “more chocolatey”.

However, not everyone is a fan of Singapore’s version of Milo. Well, at least not our dear friends from Down Under, who were outraged to find that the tubs of Milo sold at their local supermarket tasted “completely different” and “weird”, only to realise that they are made in Singapore.

One shopper was upset enough to post a warning on a popular Aldi Facebook page to warn others about the Milo sold at the supermarket, reported Daily Mail.

In the post, the disgruntled customer wrote: “Last week I bought a tin from Aldi, it tasted really weird and had a weird texture. I called Nestle and the lady told me the 1.25kg tins are being made in Singapore while machines here are updated.”

Made in Singapore Milo

“Make sure you check the back of the tin if you want Milo that tastes like real Milo,” she added.

Factory upgrading in progress

In response to the Australian media, Nestle Australia has confirmed that they were temporarily making the product in Singapore while upgrades were made to their factory.

“Milo is proudly made in Smithtown on the NSW mid-North Coast – where it has been made since 1934,” a spokesperson said.

“We have been investing in upgrading our factory for the future. To ensure Milo fans didn’t miss out during this time, we imported some Milo from our factory in Singapore. This was limited to the 1.25kg tin sold in Aldi for a very limited time,” they added.

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Made in Australia Milo

The company also added that while the Australian recipe is different from Singapore’s recipe, they were, however, “very similar”. They also assured shoppers that the Australian stock is “already coming back onto the shelf”.

“Off-tasting” Milo

Some shoppers also shared that they have also bought “off-tasting” ones at other stores. However, they are unsure where it was made because they have already thrown out the cans.

Another Australian customer said that his family has gone through about a kilogram of the drink each week and has noticed that of late, the taste has been inconsistent. “Sometimes I get a normal tin, then I get an off tin and just suck it up because they are so expensive. I was beginning to think I was crazy because sometimes it is good and sometimes it isn’t so I am glad I am not the only one,” he said.

Another customer also chimed and shared that she recently had a glass of Milo and couldn’t stomach it because it tasted nothing like her childhood. Initially, she doubted herself and thought her taste buds had changed over the years, but later believed that it could be because she had the Singapore one.

Milo sold in Singapore are all Made in Singapore

Meanwhile, Nestle Singapore has clarified that all Milo products sold by Nestle Singapore are manufactured in Singapore at the company’s Jurong factory, although small quantities are imported from other countries like Australia and Malaysia.

This clarification came after RM250,000 (S$94,058) worth of imitation Milo products in Negeri Sembilan were seized by the authorities in Malaysia in 2015.

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