Malaysians are outraged at business group’s suggestion to have a system to prevent workers from job-hopping

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FMBA chairman Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah on workers who job-hop

TL;DR – He said this is to deter workers from frequent job-hopping.

A suggestion made by the chairman of the Federation of Malaysian Business Associations (FMBA) recently has sparked outrage from Malaysians.

According to the chairman Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah, the Malaysian government should implement a special tracking system to track employment records. He explained that this would ensure that employees have high job responsibilities and work discipline, to prevent indiscriminate job-hopping and also deter employers from employing those who are more likely to job-hop.

He added that businesses are often impacted terribly when employees practice job-hopping, especially now that the country is facing a lot of issues with hiring foreign workers.

While admitting that his suggestion might sound harsh, he believes that it would be helpful to employers, employees, and the government.

Backlash from Malaysians

Very quickly, the business group’s statement went viral on social media, outraging Malaysian netizens.

One netizen criticised the business group for their overly simplistic view and told the group to stop blaming employees.

netizen comment on workers who job-hop

Some netizens also opined that Malaysia should also implement a system to monitor companies that are not paying employees enough.

comment that Malaysia should have system to monitor companies who treat workers unfairlycomment that Malaysia should have system to monitor companies who treat workers unfairlycomment that Malaysia should have system to monitor companies who treat workers unfairly

One netizen cheekily pointed out one system that most European companies are using, including Singapore, which is the “reasonable” income.

Are you in a toxic work environment? Here’s where workers can “bao toh” them

Meanwhile, in Singapore should a worker feels victimised at workplace, they can report it to the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP).

6 things that might surprise you about TAFEP

Pronounced as TAH-FAP, they are the ones who will look into all cases of workplace discrimination, even if they arise from attributes that are not cited as examples in the Guidelines.

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During the National Day Rally his National Day Rally 2021 speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said over the years, the Government has received “repeated requests” to toughen up TAFEP. In particular, the labour movement and National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) Members of Parliament have pushed for anti-discrimination laws that carry penalties, he said.


Hence, after consulting the tripartite partners, PM Lee said that the Government has decided to enshrine the TAFEP guidelines into law so that it will give them more teeth and bite to expand the range of actions the Government can take.


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