Woman in China spends 2 hours in queue for COVID-19 test, but turns out it’s a queue for roast chicken

By March 18, 2022Current
Covid-19 roast chicken queue

TL;DR – Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Long queues can be seen forming outside the hospitals as the Covid-19 cases in China continue to surge.

Recently, a woman in Hangzhou who was getting a swab test at a nearby hospital said she waited in the queue for almost two hours, only to find out that the queue was not meant for the swab test.

It was a queue to purchase roast chicken.

According to ET Today, the woman, Lena said she had gotten up early in the morning to get a nucleic acid test at a hospital.

After spending almost two hours in the queue, Lena realised that the queue she was in was not meant for the nucleic acid test. Instead, it was a line to a restaurant famous for roast chicken.

“I thought to myself since I’ve already queued for two hours, I might as well get the roast chicken! So, I got two roast chickens and went home,” she said.

The incident quickly sparked a lot of discussion among the netizens.

Some netizens thought it was too exaggerated, while there are also netizens who got very curious about the taste of the roast chicken – after all people are willing to spend two hours in the queue, just to get the roast chickens.

It has got to be good, amirite?


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