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Rolls-Royce Driver new perspective

TL;DR – The tide has turned?

You’ve probably heard of the incident, whereby a Rolls-Royce driver stopped his car in the middle of a narrow road in Tiong Bahru refusing to move because he claimed that there was insufficient space for his car to move.

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t, here’s the video that has been making its rounds on social media:


Couldn’t help but to try to reason w the most selfish idiot driver ever.

Posted by Weixiang Schrödinger Lim on Wednesday, March 23, 2022


In the 56-second video, the driver of the Rolls-Royce appeared to be unhappy at a white BMW. He claimed that there wasn’t any space for his car to move due to the BMW, which was parked improperly.

Meanwhile, the man recording the video can be heard shouting at the Rolls-Royce driver, asking him to move his car and that there was “more than enough space” to move his car as he was holding up a long line of cars stuck behind him.

The video went viral quickly with most netizens condemning the Rolls-Royce driver for his behavior, calling him “selfish”.

Rolls-Royce driver’s perspective

On Sunday (27 March), three days after the video went viral, a photo taken from the Rolls Royce driver’s perspective began circulating online.


Commenters who saw the photo shared that they could now understand why the Rolls-Royce driver didn’t think he could drive past that space.

Rolls-Royce Comment 1

Rolls-Royce Comment 2

Comment 3

Comment 4

Comment 5


Reportedly, the parking lot which triggered the altercation will be removed, and hopefully, there will be no chance of such incidents happening again.

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Well, if there’s something we could learn out of this incident, perhaps it’s not to be too quick to judge, and not to be so self-entitled – even when you think you may be right.

What we can learn from the lorry driver vs cyclist incident

If only the Rolls-Royce driver be a little bit less aggressive in putting his point across, and if the other party be a little bit more patient in hearing the Rolls-Royce driver out, perhaps all this could have been avoided.

A little patience and understanding go a long way, right?

By Joey Wee

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