36-week pregnant woman may not have lost baby at NUH, says husband in an updated post

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NUH Pregnant Woman

TL;DR – The husband apologised for his first Facebook post, said it had created unintended speculation and abuse of staff.

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you’d know about the incident involving a 36-week pregnant woman who lost her baby after she was allegedly left unattended for two hours at the National University Hospital (NUH)’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) department.

Trigger warning: 36-week pregnant woman loses baby after 2-hour wait at A&E, NUH investigating


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A week after the news broke, it seems that there’s a new development to the incident.

Pregnant woman might not have lost baby at NUH

In a Facebook post on 31 March, the woman’s husband shared that his 36-week pregnant wife might not have lost her baby at the hospital’s emergency department.


This came after the couple had a few meetings with NUH, where facts were clarified by the hospital.

The woman’s husband wrote in his post that his wife was bleeding profusely when she was at home and when she arrived at the hospital, the bleeding had subsided but did not completely stop.

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Staff had checked on the pregnant woman at intervals

He also clarified that the nurses at NUH had checked on his wife at intervals. Based on the information provided by the hospital, the couple had realised that the miscarriage may not have occurred at the hospital’s emergency department.

The man ended his post by saying:

“I recognised and apologised that my original post on FB has created unintended speculation and abuse of staffs. After clarifications on the the facts with the hospital, i would like to thank them for saving my wife.”

In his post, the man also added that the matter has been resolved and said he and his wife will not be making any further comments on the case.

Background of what happened

On 21 March 2021, Facebook user Mee Pok Tah took to his Facebook to share the painful ordeal in which his wife, a 36-weeks pregnant woman, had been sent to the hospital after bleeding profusely while in the shower.

According to his post that went viral, his wife who was still bleeding profusely upon arriving at the emergency department was left unattended for almost two hours.

“No doctors and nurses came to check and attend to my wife for 2 hours and no one informed her that there is no bed in the maternity ward,” he wrote.

Eventually, the couple lost their baby.

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