Driver who pushed security officer with Bentley at Red Swastika School referred to the public prosecutor

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Security Officer Bentley Driver Red Swastika School

TL;DR – The driver was arrested after allegedly using his Bentley to push a security officer outside Red Swastika School.

Remember the case involving a Bentley driver who threatened to run down a security officer at the Red Swastika School?

On 4 April, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam gave an update about the case and according to him, the police have completed their investigations against the driver for a possible offence of rash act causing hurt.

In a written parliamentary answer in response to a question from Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Raj Joshua Thomas, the minister said that the matter has been referred to the public prosecutor for a decision on the appropriate course of action.

Background of what happened

Earlier this year, a video showing a 61-year-old male Bentley driver threatening to run down a security officer outside Red Swastika School went viral.

In the video, the Bentley driver can be seen pushing against the security officer, who stood in front of the vehicle, evidently trying to prevent the car from entering the school.

Later, in two other videos which surfaced after the initial video went viral, the white Bentley was shown not forming up with other cars on the leftmost lane turning into the school. The driver was then told off by the security officer, who instructed the Bentley driver to make one round to form up properly again.

The Bentley driver was later arrested after the Union of Security Employees (USE) filed a police report against the driver.

Security officer sustained injuries from the incident

Following the incident, the USE took to a Facebook post to condemn the actions of the Bentley driver, calling what the driver did as “deplorable conduct”.


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The 63-year-old security officer, Neo Ah Whatt, who is a member of the union, has sustained some injuries in his knee after the incident.

In the Facebook post, the USE urges everyone to respect the security officers for the important job they do, and not to abuse the security officers.

Union of Security Employees (USE) steps in after Bentley threatens to run down security officer at Red Swastika School


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