Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Pork Knuckle Rice owner

TL;DR – Fancy some fresh and yummy pork knuckle?

Are you planning a trip up north any time soon?

If you are, then perhaps you might want to also make a trip to Klang to check out this newly opened stall that sells Pork Knuckle Rice – whose owner is probably tastier than the Pork Knuckle Rice he sells, according to netizens.

On 8 April, a post by Facebook page Klang 巴生 has gone viral on the internet.


The post, which has garnered more than 5,000 shares on Facebook, features a newly opened stall that sells pork knuckle rice in Klang, as well as photos of the boss whom netizens are falling head over heels for.

Netizens’ reactions

One commenter said: “This stall sells very sturdy pork knuckles.”

While another commenter said,

“I come here for breakfast four days a week. To be honest, I have never tried his pork knuckle rice, but I cannot deny that it smells really good. I am definitely going to try this next week. I wasn’t aware of how good-looking the boss is, since he is always wearing a mask. Damn it, to think I’ve actually let my opportunity slip. I’m going there tomorrow.”

A couple of other commenters also left comments asking which outlet the boss usually goes to in the hope of bumping into him one day.

“Aiya, suddenly Klang feels very near to me,” said another netizen.

According to his Instagram bio, the boss is known as Vincent Ngah. Besides running the food stall, he is also a personal trainer.


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Perhaps that explains why he has such an amazing physique!

By Joey Wee

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