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bukit batok clinic staff and mother fight

TL;DR – The boy was seen trying to stop the two adults from fighting.

A video showing a clinic staff and a woman caught in a heated argument at a clinic in Bukit Batok has gone viral.

In the one-minute-long video which was first uploaded on TikTok on Monday (18 April), a staff member from Everhealth Family Clinic and Surgery can be seen kicking a pram in anger while confronting a woman who was with her son.

The video, which has since been taken down, was later reposted on Facebook page SGVirality.


At the beginning of the video clip, the staff could be seen kicking a pram in anger.

The mother of the boy can be heard asking the clinic staff, “What are you doing?” and calling the staff “rude” while the boy was crying as he puts up his hand, asking the staff to stop.

The boy’s mother then reached into her bag, saying that she would call the police, but the boy immediately pleaded with her not to do so. He also attempted to intervene between the two adults by offering to “clean up”, but the staff tells him that she is not scolding him.

After the video went viral, a CCTV footage taken from within the clinic surfaced.

In the 41-second video, which presumably took place before the confrontation in front of the clinic, the mother can be seen tossing and throwing items off the clinic’s reception counter in the staff’s direction before exiting.


The clinic staff also threatened to throw an item at the mother when she enters the clinic again to throw another object at her.

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Clinic currently investigating the incident

Following the video which went viral, the clinic has also taken to its Facebook page to apologise for causing a public alarm due to the video.


In the statement, the clinic also said it would need some time to investigate the matter.

Meanwhile, a review left on the clinic’s Facebook page by a particular Anna Kim might have shed some light on why the altercation has occurred.

According to Kim, allegedly the mother involved in the fight, the duo had gone to the clinic for consultation after her 6-year-old son experienced breathlessness after taking his vaccine.

However, the doctor simply gave him a 5-days medical certificate without checking – which hence triggered the argument subsequently.

anna kim FB review mother


However, it is not confirmed that this Anna Kim is the woman in the video and the post has also since been removed.

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