Why is everyone rushing to put a discount on EGGS?!

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Discount on eggs rising cost of living

TL;DR – What’s the matter? Just egg fever. (pun intended) 

Never before has Singapore seen such a keen interest in eggs. With various supermarket chains rushing to put a discount on eggs, it got us wondering… got so expensive meh? 

So.. to say the least, we were surprised to learn that a carton of 30 eggs can cost you up to $7.50.  


So the price of eggs has been going up because of the war, global inflation, etc. On top of that, there’s also a Newcastle disease outbreak, a viral disease among poultry that can cause a temporary drop in hens’ egg production. The virus is endemic in this region. 

Locally, one of Singapore’s largest egg providers Seng Choon Farm has seen a 40 – 50 percent drop in production, resulting in a fall of approximately 30,000 eggs daily. 

So what’s up with all the egg-centric discounts? 

So our fav NTUC FairPrice started this phenomenon. Just yesterday, FairPrice announced that the rising prices of eggs will be absorbed by NTUC FairPrice with an exclusive 7-day-only discount on house brand Pasar fresh eggs. The eggs (30s) will be sold at a discounted price of $6.95 while stocks last from 20 – 27 April 2022. 

So… when other supermarkets found out that FairPrice rolled this out to make the price of eggs affordable for all, others followed suit. (Talk about FOMO!) 

Giant recently announced a discount on eggs that will run till Hari Raya. Sheng Siong is also reportedly selling their eggs for $6.90 from the usual $7.50. 

Setting the standard so other businesses can take heed 

Even with help from businesses to help regulate the prices of basic commodities (like, eggs) Singaporeans still complain. A quick scan on Hardware Zone and you’ll see countless disses and conspiracy theories… 

discount on eggs comment

discount on egg comment

discount on egg caption

FairPrice has got its social mission to fulfill – moderate Singaporeans’ cost of living by keeping daily essentials affordable. Eggs aside, here are some ways FairPrice has stepped up during times of crisis;

  • Holding prices of vegetables during SARS in 2003
  • Held prices of eggs during the Avian flu in 2004 
  • Held prices of rice during the Gulf War 

Also, do you remember when toilet paper ran out? Yup, CEO Seah Kian Peng had to come out to assure Singaporeans that “Yes, we got stockpile enough toilet rolls (9 million rolls) for you all”.

“At this point in time, we have over 9 million toilet rolls. We have about 1.2 million packs of instant noodles. We have over 4 million kilos of rice, presently. And stocks continue to come in,” said FairPrice Group CEO Seah Kian Peng. 

Doing good

Lets be reals, global inflation is affecting everyone’s way of living, lets’s do our part in every way possible to make things a little easier for everyone. 

Not many people are aware that FairPrice also has its own charity arm, FairPrice Foundation. Corporate philanthropy is very much a part of NTUC FairPrice’s DNA. The foundation has been donating money to help Singaporeans in need.

Convinced yet that social enterprises need to do well before they can do good? Please, the next time you hear people asking why “NTUC things are not the cheapest”, share this with them.

Really, it’s FairPrice, not CheapestPrice! 

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