Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

TLDR; Yes, 50 cents coffee and tea still exists. 

We are pretty sure you’re tired of listening to everyone talk about the rising cost of living, so we’re here to tell you about some deals that will help you save and make you happy! 

50 cents kopi at all Kopitiam and NTUC Foodfare outlets

If you’re craving for a good, gao cup of coffee and tea to get you through the day, all you need to do is head down to your nearest Kopitiam or Foodfare outlet. All through 1 – 31 May, NTUC members can enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea at 50 cents at all 80 Kopitiam and NTUC Foodfare food courts and coffee shops across the island.

Members are limited to 1 cup per card per transaction. 

50% off four items every week at all NTUC FairPrice outlets 

If you thought eggs were the end of it, from 28 Apr to 25 May, NTUC members and NTUC Link members may enjoy 50 per cent discount on four selected items each week at NTUC FairPrice, while stocks last. For example this week, you can look forward to discounts off the following items: 

  • DARLIE Double Action Toothpaste Assorted 180g – 250g
  • MAGGI Hot Cup Noodles Assorted 59g – 61g
  • FAIRPRICE Golden Royal Dragon Thai White Fragrant Rice 5kg
  • COFFEE HOCK 100% Natural Lemongrass/Chrysanthemum 10s

Items for Week 2, 3, 4 will be shared in coming weeks by NTUC FairPrice. On top of that, if you pay using the FairPrice app for in-store transactions, you can also earn up to $5 for first time users. 

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*limited to 4 units per member per day unless otherwise stated, and applicable to NTUC members and Link members only. 

Use your NTUC FairPrice app to enjoy 10% savings at Kopitiam outlets 

NTUC members and NTUC Link members can look forward to 10 per cent savings (in the form of cash discounts and Linkpoints) when you using the NTUC FairPrice app at Kopitiam food courts and coffee shops. 

The initiative is not just limited to May, but will be progressively rolled out throughout the year with all 46 Kopitiam food courts and all drink kiosks in 80 Kopitiam outlets by end 2022. 

Download the FairPrice app on the Apple Store and Google PlayStore

Other discounts for your to save even more at NTUC FairPrice 

Some other discounts you can look forward to, are: 

  • Mon – Wed: 2% or 3% savings for Elderly (PG, MG, Seniors) 
  • Thu: 3% savings for lower wage (CHAS Blue card) 
  • Fri: 5% savings on over 100 essential items (till 31 Dec 2022) 
  • Every day: 4% benefit on purchases at FairPrice Group outlets and FairPrice Online (for NTUC members who are FairPrice members)


These savings deals are targeted at helping you manage the cost of living 

NTUC Social Enterprises were set up with the social mission of ensuring that all workers and families have accessible, affordable and quality goods and services through the following areas: 

  • Set price benchmarks to moderate prices 
  • Step up during times of need to help tide workers over challenging times 
  • Offer everyday savings to keep costs manageable 
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Not too long ago, NTUC FairPrice also announced that shoppers at all NTUC FairPrice supermarkets and hypermarkets wil lenjoy a 5 per cent discount every Friday on about “100 key essential items.”

Check out the full suite of a-MAY-zing month-long discounts here

By Zahra