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5 Things We Will Miss (Most) About WFH -
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Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
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TL;DR – Another day, another frivolous article about how we do not wish to go back to office. Boss, do you hear us?

Well, the news is out, and working from home (or at least WFH a 100%) may soon become a distant memory for most of us. But before that, here’s an article that hopefully years later we can read and reminisce what the almost-utopia of work once looked like (minus the covid drama, of course).

Talking about how we can get a bit more sleep in the morning, and how we escape the horrendous morning commute is too mainstream. So, we are jumping right into –

#1 Afternoon naps


wfh afternoon naps

How original of us. But really, tell us you didn’t gladly trade awkward lunches with bosses and people we don’t like colleagues for some extra snooze after lunch. I mean, they call it a power nap for a reason. After all, didn’t they always say that taking a break helps us to go further?

Especially since we are expected to work through the night to deliver that report, write that email or plan that event?

Okay that was too intense, now onto brighter things –

#2 Free Food


WFH meals

This one is for all the poor singletons living with your parents (just like us, may we add).

Of course, though, the free food comes with its own baggage. Think about how many times your mother has complained about your messy work desk, or rather, how many times you’ve failed to make her understand that “it’s an organised mess!”.

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Or how many times you’ve had to eat lunch leftovers for dinner (ha-ha).

Not that we are complaining too much, since it leaves us more cash to splurge on the next gadget or dress that we don’t really need.

This leads us to another WFH favourite –

#3 The Doorbell Ring


wfh delivery

Or we should say, the joy of being able to rip open the packaging of our latest online buy before ninjabot can even prompt us to rate the delivery experience. Fleeting happiness, it may be, but anything to distract us from that terrible Teams meeting will do! What’s a better mid-week booster than yet another parcel delivery?

P.S: Shoutout to the ever-friendly ninja-van and SingPost delivery folks who’s never ever shamed us for the excessive shopping like our annoying sibling did

#4 Sneaking out to run a quick errand


meme dog

Or to attend that online job interview

Back in those WFO days, one would have to waste a day of leave just to get your faulty router fixed at the service centres. Don’t we just love service centres and phone hotlines that only operate on a weekday? (Aren’t we already in 2022)

Think about it! A day off would have meant one less rest day to encash when we finally decide to call it quits with our job (or that toxic co-worker).

Last but not least –

#5 Taking a dump in peace


taking a dump

Let’s not go into too much details for this one – but surely being able to avoid one of those ill-timed auto-flush in office must be one of the best and underrated perks of WFH.

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What about pressure of knowing one of your co-workers is waiting for a cubicle outside? If there’s anything that can’t be rushed, it’s definitely taking a dump. Besides, with the bathroom being steps away, what’s stopping us from having Mala for lunch?

Now tell us, what else would you miss about your WFH experience?

By Joey Wee

I am nice, most of the time!