Fri. May 31st, 2024

TL;DR – Screen-sharing at work? Check, check and re-check if you want to keep your job 😛 

The story goes, so you are in the middle of a Zoom meeting and someone says “Hey, why don’t you flash your screen and show us the chart?” Without thinking much, you share your screen and well, everyone is looking at your chat history with your mother, father, bestie and/or partner – dinner, lunch, Tinder date plans anyone?

Whatever it is, trust that you’re not alone. Ha. Since the Covid era, many have horrifying screen-sharing stories of their own. We asked our friends to share some of theirs to hopefully, make you feel a little better…

Screen-sharing horror level 3/10: “I got caught watching make-up tutorials on TikTok.”

I mean, it was a slow day at work. I’m waiting for my boss to approve the papers and I got distracted. Don’t judge, TikTok is addictive!

Screen-sharing horror level 4/10: “My boss saw my cart full of SHEINs for my beach holiday.”

“I had to screen share with my boss during one of our Teams calls, and I totally didn’t realise that my SHEIN shopping cart was up.” So Pearly* was shopping for an upcoming Bali trip, but let’s just say her boss definitely didn’t need to know that she was shopping for bikinis and beach coverups on company time… Well, not that we don’t camp for product launches or Grab groceries once in a blue moon. But you can just imagine just how awkward that meeting was after her boss had a glimpse of her cart full of sexy swimwear.

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Screen-sharing horror level 5/10: “Smoke break? Can’t tahan the endless droning!”

Pop-ups are annoying. One thing many of us forget when we share our screens is that even  while sharing a deck, a message notification could still pop up for everyone to see. An instant message from a colleague saying, “Smoke break? Can’t tahan the ending droning!” is gonna annoy your boss – trust us. Let’s just hope that your boss is forgiving enough. If not well, here, here and here are some job opportunities. Thank us later.

Screen-sharing horror level 8/10: “My co-worker saw my texts b*tching about him.”

An intense day, looming deadlines, PMS. Who doesn’t gripe about their co-workers at times right? Just don’t get caught lah. To share the whole chat unknowingly while screen-sharing? Horrifying, to say the least. But that said, why didn’t anyone alert you while you were showing the whole world your chat? Worth a thought, huh.

So now that you’ve heard these stories, before every online meeting where you may be asked to share your screen, take a minute to close out any personal pages to prevent any potential embarassing situations! Psst, do you have any screen-sharing horror stories to share with us? We won’t tell.