Singapore ranked the best city to Work from Home

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Singapore Work From Home

TL;DR – Singapore is the number one city with the most “teleworkable” jobs.

A recent study published by Bloomberg shows that Singapore is the best city to Work from Home, followed by Washington and Austin.

The rankings, assessed by mobile access technology company Kisi, are concluded based on factors including work intensity and city livability as well as quality health care, affordable cost of living, and ample time off.

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Best Cities to Work From Home

According to the study, these cities are ranked the top 3 best cities to work from home because they offer a high percentage of jobs that can be performed remotely and has higher feasibility of working at home for all occupations.

Best Cities to Work From Home

These cities also offer a high number of work-from-home job opportunities and have a better infrastructure to support working from home.

Best Cities for Work-Life Balance

Coming in the first place for the cities with the best work-life balance is Oslo with a score of 100.

Best Cities for Work Life Balance

Following very closely behind Oslo are Bern and Helsinki, with scores of 99.46 and 99.24 respectively.

Most Overworked Cities

Ranked in the first place as the city with the most overworked population is Dubai, which saw a higher percentage of full-time employees working more than 48 hours per working week.

Most overworked cities

Coming in second place is Hong Kong, followed by Kuala Lumpur in third place.

Singapore, on the other hand, is ranked as the fourth city with its population working overtime.

Before you sulk and hate yourself for living in a city that has the most overworked population, do bear in mind that being overworked does not equate to you not having any work-life balance!

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According to the study, if the city has sufficient accessible services (such as health care) that can care for its workers, and entertainment to make people happy, the city may still have a good work-life balance despite its population working a lot.

After all, it’s how you juggle your time and make time for enjoyment amidst your busy work schedule, amirite?


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