Housewife Raihan fights rising cost of living with 1 dish and plain rice every meal

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TL;DR – 44-year-old Raihan’s savings hacks to fight rising cost of living: Opting for frozen ingredients instead of the more expensive fresh ingredients, having just one dish with rice every meal. 

“We don’t need two or three dishes for every meal,” said housewife Raihan Ibrahim. Like many of us, rising food costs is painful for Raihan. Lately she has been feeling the pinch whenever she shops for groceries.

Prices of groceries have gone up significantly in recent years. The question is, how are average Singaporeans coping?

Savings hacks to fight rising cost of living

Singapore’s core inflation jumped to 3.3 per cent year on year in April. The prolonged Russia-Ukraine conflict will  continue to have significant repercussions on on global prices of food, which had already risen to close to record levels…

Take for example, the price of cooking oil. It has gone up nearly 21 per cent, to $7.25 today.

If you haven’t heard, chicken is also expected to be even more expensive following Malaysia’s move to ban exports of the poultry. Urgh…

What can Singaporeans do to cope with the Malaysian export ban on chicken?

For Raihan, she tends to opt for frozen food items now as they fit into her food budget more comfortably. Besides switching to frozen ingredients, Raihan’s family of four makes do with just one dish with rice for every meal.

“Whether they increase the price or not, we still have to buy,” she said. Such is the reality for many consumers. 🙁

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CDC vouchers can help relieve some of the costs pressures

To help us fight rising cost of living, all Singaporean households can collect $100 worth of Community Development Council (CDC) digital vouchers, which they can spend at more than 16,000 participating heartland merchants and hawkers.

$200 in vouchers will be disbursed in early 2023, and another $200 in 2024, with major supermarkets roped in for the next two years. Have you used your vouchers?

PSA: They can also be used at barbers, dental clinics and hair salons!

NTUC FairPrice extends discount schemes for seniors & low-income families until 31 December 2022


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