Warning: Air Tix Flexing? People can easily access your personal details!

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TL;DR – If you didn’t flex your air tickets and red mighty Singapore passport on social media, did you even travel? P.S. Stop it, you could allow access to a lot of your personal details!

Finally, finally we can travel again! Now, if you don’t flex your air tickets on social media, did you even travel? IMPORTANT WARNING + PSA: If you or someone you know has been flexing their air tickets on social media, you probably want to reconsider or warn them…

A netizen, Jason Ho, recently shared how easy it is to access your personal information from just your photo! Jason’s TikTok video has been shared over 5900 times since he posted it 3 days ago. To warn people of the dangers of posting a photo like that, the Singaporean performance coach recently shared a video on TikTok. He illustrated how easily he was able to retract important information of an influencer simply based on a 0.5 second snippet of her flight ticket that she had posted on social media. In the video that has since gone viral, he pointed out all the details one can find out in just that short snippet. P.S. He has personally messaged the influencer to warn her about it, so don’t bother trying to get her details too ok?

Social media flexing? Looks familiar? Via


Jason explained that the flight ticket showed her full name and the most important part, the e-ticket number. Apparently, once you’ve filled in the e-ticket number and last name seen on the flight ticket, you have access to see their ‘Booking Reference’. From there, you can download the receipt of their air ticket, see where the person is sitting on the flight, and which flight they are on. Shudders.

Jason also went on to explain that there was a lot more personal details he could access under that section – the influencer’s passport number and passport expiry date! Want to reach out to the person? You can easily find out the person’s email address and phone number too. Oh yah, you can even see the last four digits on their credit card.

Jason ended the video by urging people to never, ever post a photo of their flight ticket. If you ask me, the flex is not worth the potential risks!

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Well, if you absolutely have to flex your air tickets and mighty red Singapore passport (#ICYMI, Singapore has once again topped the world’s most powerful passports for 2022, according to the Henley Passport Index!) to all your social media audience, do yourself a favour and remember to cover your details, especially the e-ticket number.


Now, do warn all your friends about this. Really, anyone with bad intentions can get a lot of personal details from your one photo…


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