Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Titus Low

TL;DR – Both Titus Low, 22, and Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin, 21, had been sharing lovey-dovey updates online. 

Last week, former OnlyFans creator 22-year-old Titus Low proposed to Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin whom he has known for less than a month. Apparently, they met at influencers Jianhao Tan and Debbie Soon’s wedding anniversary celebrations in May. Chin had said that their meeting was “a sign from the universe” and “meant to be”. After chatting and going on a few dates for a fortnight, the pair decided to go official, and take things even further in a surprise move.

Low shared a surprise announcement on his social media accounts that he asked Chin to marry him just hours after they officially started dating! Many netizens had guessed that it was just another publicity stunt. After all, Low is awaiting trial after being charged with transmitting obscene materials by electronic means last December. He faces up to 21 months in prison if convicted.

Since then, both Low and Chin had been sharing sweet updates online, showing them spending quality time together. The couple had also set up couple channels where they answered questions on their relationship. Well, Low has since made another surprise engagement announcement last week on social media, and has revealed that the marriage is a prank!

In a surprise move, in a TikTok video posted on 19th June, they wrote: “After one week of being married, we decided we’re better off alone.”

They then ended the post with a meme. Tsk, just another prank.

In case you are still interested, the Jebbey Family also shared a video on Youtube about how they planned a mini wedding for the couple in 24 hours. Here’s the video:

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