Don’t Say Bojio: NTUC FairPrice coupons to help you beat inflation!

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NTUC FairPrice coupons

TL;DR – Don’t underestimate the power of coupons.

Feeling the inflationary pressures? NTUC FairPrice has released physical and digital coupons for customers to defray their grocery costs!

Simply approach the friendly staff in participating NTUC FairPrice stores for the physical coupons or visit here for e-Coupons! Also, do check the list of participating stores here to ensure the NTUC FairPrice outlet you’re visiting is part of this sales campaign to avoid disappointment.

The coupons are valid from 30 June 2022 to 28 September 2022. Up to 300 different coupons are available, and these coupons cover most basic grocery must-haves, from vegetables to fruits, from frozen seafood products to confectionery products!

Don’t underestimate the power of coupons — one coupon here and one coupon there can save you a dollar, and another few coupons can save you up to another two dollars!

Mai Tu Liao (Don’t wait any further) — share it with your grandparents, parents, and friends’ WhatsApp and Telegram groups to spread the word.

Moderating the cost of living for Singaporeans

For those not in the know, NTUC FairPrice has this social mission, which is to moderate Singaporeans’ cost of living by keeping daily essentials affordable.

In fact, it was established by the Labour Movement in 1973 to moderate the cost of living in Singapore!

NTUC makes so much money, why their things cannot be cheaper?

Just earlier this year in February 2022, FairPrice Group has also launched the Stretch Your Dollar programme to help consumers cope with the rising cost of living. The programme includes a new 5% discount every Friday for a basket of 100 key essential items.

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Well we know, we know not everything is cheapest in NTUC FairPrice. But hey, no body has said that their aim was to be the cheapest in town. Instead, NTUC FairPrice moderates the cost of living in Singapore by acting as an industry benchmark for prices of everyday essentials, thereby ensuring they remain affordable for all.

GPGT: This is how NTUC FairPrice moderates the cost of living in Singapore

In other words, for as long as NTUC FairPrice is around, you can rest assured that you can always have FairPrice as your benchmark whenever you need to compare prices for the best deals!



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