The unscrupulous creativity of imposters

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Imposters are getting more creative by the day.

TL;DR – Avoid being the next victim of the unscrupulous creativity of imposters!

Imposters are really getting more creative by the day — if only they could put their creativity to good use for the betterment of society and the nation. Imposters have been regularly doctoring images or outright misusing the names of political office holders in Singapore for various agendas.

‘Sugar Friends Tea’

The most recent impersonation attempt involved the doctoring of an image involving Senior Ministers of State Janil Puthucheary and Tan Kiat How, claiming that the ministers have endorsed the health product ‘Sugar Friends Tea’.

unscrupulous creativity of imposters

(Left – Original Picture and Right – Doctored Picture)

As a matter of fact, government officials DO NOT endorse products and have never done so. This is an attempt to conduct fake advertising to get consumers to purchase these dubious products which may not have even cleared the Health Sciences Authority (HSA)’s approval.

‘Sugar Friends Tea’ claims to lower one’s blood sugar levels and that it was approved for sale by the Ministry of Health (MOH). It is untrue that MOH has endorsed this product. Health products are regulated by the HSA.

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Old Tricks

This isn’t a new trick — political office holders have regularly been impersonated for such endorsements. Some other impersonations include PM Lee Hsien Loong, DPM Heng Swee Keat and SM Tharman Shanmugaratnam endorsing bitcoin investments.

So, the next time you see such endorsements, be it for health products, bitcoin investments — they’re 100% fake. I’m sure our political office holders have better discretion and better things to do than to endorse such dubious products or investments. Don’t even waste your time reading on such “endorsements”, really.

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Stay safe from Covid-19 and scams!

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