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LIT DISCOvery is back in its second iteration!

TL;DR – Come join Young NTUC’s LIT DISCOvery 2022 if you’re a youth with interest in the tech industry!

Specially for youths — LIT DISCOvery is back in its second iteration!

LIT DISCOvery is one of two signature events of the LIT series, which is short for “Learning Is Triggered”. Initiated in 2017, LIT is a one-stop platform for youths to find resources, jobs placement and connect with industry professionals. The LIT series was created in hope of bringing to both youths and young working adults alike, a range of career empowerment programmes to support them in mastering the skills for the digital workforce. The other signature large-scale symposium is LIT ASEAN Careers. Apart from the signature events, young NTUC’s LIT series include LIT Learning Journeys, LIT Career Discovery and Mentorship, LIT Learning Circles and LIT Conversation.​

LIT DISCOvery 2022 will be a hybrid one-day event for youths to learn how to harness tech in where you Work, Live & Play through a curated line-up of programmes – Search, Play, Pause, Repeat. From sharings by C-suite leaders to networking with potential employers, young PMEs and graduating students can look forward to career profiling, mentorships, masterclasses and more.

  1. Search: Keynote Panels

There will be two keynote panels at LIT DISCOvery 2022, namely “Biting the Digital Future Bullet” and “Tech Invasion: Will You Take the Red Pill or Blue Pill?”.

Keynote speakers on the “Biting the Digital Future Bullet” panel will speak on how technology and its trends will impact individuals to companies. For example, how jobs must be redesigned, and how more cross-border opportunities become available as jobs become more flexible. There would also be discussions on how company cultures must change, and how you as an individual and most importantly, a youth — can capitalize on these trends to make a career on your own.

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Here’s the list of speakers for “Biting the Digital Future Bullet”

  • Mr Tan Kok Yam, Chief Executive of SkillsFuture Singapore
  • Ms Goki Muthusamy, Senior Vice-President, Head of People, Asia Pacific, VISA.
  • Ms Lee Hui Li, Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore
  • Mr Seah Kian Peng, Group Chief Executive Officer of NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited
  • (Moderator) Mr Maxim Tint, Founder and CEO of Gtriip

The second keynote panel, “Tech Invasion: Will You Take the Red Pill or Blue Pill?” challenges you to choose between two options: to hop into the tech rabbit hole or staying in your comfort zone. The keynote speakers, who are experts in their own domains, would speak about how the tech shifts will affect you as an individual, and workplaces, and how you can remain at the top of the ‘game’ and ride through these changes.

On the panel “Tech Invasion: Will You Take the Red Pill or Blue Pill?” are:

  • Mr Allan Teng, Managing Director and Vice-President of Workato Asia-Pacific and Japan
  • Ms Dione Song, Chief Executive Officer of Love Bonito
  • Ms Tan Su Lin, Chief of Staff, Vice-President of Operations and Head of People at Carousell
  • Mr Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary-General of NTUC
  • (Moderator) Mr Andrew Tan, Country Manager of Wantedly

  1. Play: Marketplaces

At LIT DISCOvery 2022, you can look forward to an immersive experience of tech showcases from Gen Infiniti Academy, MoneyOwl, exabytes, Ubisoft, Kura Kura and Cyber Youth Singapore. These companies may be hiring too, which you can have a chance to speak to their representatives if the opportunities are made available.

  1. Pause: Mental Wellbeing

A space is specially curated for youth participants to check-in on their personal wellbeing, with LIT DISCOvery’s partners offering mental wellbeing and recreational activities, such as mindfulness yoga.

  1. Repeat: Online & On-demand

LIT DISCOvery 2022 does not end as it ends — you can look forward to learning journeys, masterclasses, mentorship programmes and LIT Prep, which would continue to help you in the journey to locate your interests and what you’re best at, and to navigate a path in the employment landscape. The event and sessions will also be made available on-demand if you miss it!

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Ready to “Search, Play, Pause and Repeat”?

Here are some basic event details:

Event details

Date: 23 July 2022 (Saturday)​

Time: 11.30AM – 5.30PM​

Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 4, Hall 405​

Dress Code: Smart Casual​

Guest-of-Honour: Mr Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister

Opening Address by Mr Ng Chee Meng, Secretary-General, National Trades Union Congress

Do remember to register at this site to get a confirmation of your registration before turning up on the day (physically or virtually).

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