An unfair termination: Did Grab look thoroughly into the issue?

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unfair termination

TL;DR — The child of a Grab rider steps forward to voice the unfair termination of his/her father by Grab over an alleged misconduct during a ride.

Recently, a TikTok video has gone viral, revolving around an issue — where the father of the author of the viral TikTok video was unfairly terminated by Grab. The video garnered almost 270,000 views, more than 19,700 likes, 1,200 comments and over 800 shares. 

What Happened? 

As context, the author of the viral TikTok video (“the author”) said that his/her father has been a Grab partner for almost ten years and “giving his 200% everyday”.  

The author’s father managed to maintain an awesome rating of 4.9 out of 5 on average throughout his years of driving with Grab. The author’s father was contacted by a Grab staff one day while driving, and the staff questioned if the author’s father recalled any of his customers felt “uncomfortable” while riding with him recently. 

The logical analysis of this question is, someone complained to Grab that the author’s father did something (inappropriate) which caused the customer to feel “uncomfortable.”  

Do not recall making anyone uncomfortable 

The author’s father said that he did not remember making anyone uncomfortable — and if he did, he would have remembered it.  

Following the call, the author’s father was logged out of his Grab account and received an email to inform him that “investigations” was concluded, and he would be permanently banned for “displaying inappropriate behaviors during one of your rides.”  

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The email also said that the author’s father made “conversations relating to inappropriate topics with (his) passenger such as commenting on physical appearance and asking overly personal questions that are not related to the booking.” 

Unfair termination: Appeal stuck down without reason

The initial email informing the author’s father of the permanent ban contained a link for him to contest the ban if he felt that he was wrongly banned. Naturally, since he strongly believed he did not do anything inappropriate, he appealed against the decision. 

Some netizens raised that sometimes uncles might get chatty and try to make small talk. So, the author clarified with his father again on this. To clear his/her father’s name, the author asked his/her father to search for voice evidence.  

But by the time Grab contacted his/her father on the issue, the dashcam had already refreshed and disposed of the footage/voice recordings as the dashcam routinely clears old data to make space for new recordings. 

The appeal sent to Grab was rejected with no reason, according to the author.  

Unfair termination: Affecting livelihoods 

There were no mentions of the details and specifics of the complaint, according to the author, throughout the entire “episode” of the incident. 

The author appealed to all viewers to voice out if they feel that the conversation was getting uncomfortable. (But note that this was not to say the author’s father made “uncomfortable” conversations with his customers. If he did that, would he even have maintained a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating after so many years?) 

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The termination has caused the author’s father to be filled with a lot of sadness and disappointment. He also lost his livelihood since his account was terminated without proper investigation and explanation.  

You may watch the TikTok video here and be the judge. 

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