Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

TL;DR – Hey creative professionals, the Visual, Audio, Creative Content Professionals Association (VICPA) wants to build a better creative industry for all with you! 

Designers, content creators, TikTokers, photographers, illustrators – so we joined some of the most creative people in the industry at VICPA first physical networking event! Food, fun, friends – the sharings, energy and food were amazingggg – shoutout to the peeps at Projector X!

In case you didn’t know, the Visual, Audio, Creative Content Professionals Association (Singapore), otherwise known as VICPA, was formed in July 2021 to champion the interests of Singapore’s growing pool of freelance creative professionals.

Fellow creatives will be able to relate: Today, a lack of industry standards has contributed to an undervaluation of creative services. 🙁 VICPA wants to help.

What does VICPA aim to do as a collective voice?

VICPA strives to level up professionalism of creative practitioner-members through a professional code of ethics, and to raise awareness among clients on how to value and procure creative works and their copyrights at fair rates through industry-wide collaborations. In short, VICPA wants to work to write a new narrative and build a better creative industry for all!

Freelance colorist, Ms Junbin Chen, got us engaged as she shared her interesting personal experiences as a freelance creative professional. PS: Her works are amazing!


Held at Projector X at Riverside Point, VICPA’s networking event saw some industry experts like Vivek Kumar (CMO, WWF), Garick Bay (Photographer, Bepoke Foundry and VICPA Deputy General Secretary), JunBin Chen (Freelance colorist), and Jayce Tham (Chief Business woman, CreativesatWork) sharing interesting industry trends and practical tips for fellow creatives!

From left: Vivek Kumar (CMO, WWF), Jayce Tham (Chief Businesswoman, CreativesatWork), JunBin Chen (Freelance colorist), Garick Bay (Photographer, Bepoke Foundry and VICPA Deputy General Secretary)  and  Jean See Pro-tem Executive Secretary, NTUC


NTUC Assistant Secretary General, Mr Desmond Choo also gave an inspiring speech at the event, urging freelancers to join VICPA.

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Now, having a freelance career is great, being your own boss is wonderful – mostly. But freelance creatives face their own unique sets of problems:

  • Finding clients and holding onto them
  • Lull periods with little or no work
  • Paperwork – tonnes of it
  • Late payments
  • Outdated skills
  • Unreasonable clients
  • Having their work undervalued

VICPA hopes to be a collective and representative voice for members to relevant Government agencies and stakeholders on issues that impact livelihood and trade practices. At the same time, they aim to support members in continual learning and upskilling so as to strengthen their professional competencies and relevancy of skills!

As a freelancer, are you ready to live, work and grow your business in the future economy? VICPA has shared an upcoming U FSE Freelancer Fair that is suitable for freelancers, self-employed persons, micro-business owners and individuals aspiring to freelance. 🙂 Find out more about VICPA and their upcoming events here!

The importance of a collective voice for the freelancers and Self-employed persons