Insolent brat issues teacher death threat

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insolent brat

TL; DR – Student quarrels with teacher, asks teacher to “watch your mouth” and threatens to “end his life right now.” 

Allegedly a Saint Andrew’s Secondary School Student 

In a viral video posted by TikTok user @rayayeaye, a student could be seen walking to a teacher in a classroom and taunting him repeatedly. The student was repeatedly uttering a string of words which could not be heard properly, while pointing aggressively at the teacher, to the extent that his arm was in contact with the teacher’s arm, which the teacher put up to prevent the student from further advancing against him. 

The teacher issued a stern warning to the student – “don’t touch me!” while the student asked him to “watch his mouth”, followed by a threat that “I will end your life right now”. 

Wow. Just wow. Are students so disrespectful towards teachers these days? Throughout the video, the teacher was stern and calm, mindful of not further escalating the tension. He repeatedly tried to get the student to stop his verbal abuses, but to no avail.  

Netizens speak against insolent brat, supports teacher

In the TikTok video, author @rayayeaye said that “teachers deserve better” and added in the comments that “SA is not full of kids like this ok guys”. Some other netizens were furious, criticizing the student in the video, saying that his actions were a “reflection of their parents.” Others voiced that they were “horribly disgusted by the lack of respect some of the kids from the current generation has for elders these days.” 

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At the time of the publication of this article (24 Aug 8.50am), MOE nor Saint Andrew’s Secondary School responded to the incident. 

UPDATE: (25 August) The St Andrew’s Secondary School student involved in the matter has been disciplined by the school. The student’s parents have been engaged and the school will work closely with the parents to counsel and guide him.

You may watch the viral TikTok video here. 


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