Fair wages for FairPrice workers

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Fair wages for FairPrice workers

TL;DR – Progressive wage model to be implemented across all FairPrice businesses.

More than 10,000 non-executive staff at FairPrice is expected to benefit from the implementation of the progressive wage model (PWM) from Thursday (September 1). This applies to both full-timers and part-timers across FairPrice Group’s businesses, which includes FairPrice supermarkets as well as the Foodfare and Kopitiam foodcourts – who make up about 75 per cent of FairPrice’s 13,000-strong workforce.

Last year, NTUC secretary-general Ng Chee Meng said that the labour movement would push for PWM to be introduced for specific vocations, such as logistic drivers. This will come into effect for the food services industry in March next year.

How PWM benefit employees and businesses

After taking government subsidies into consideration, this initiative is expected to cost the group about $70 million over three years. The investment would help the group to develop its workforce by encouraging lifelong learning to improve productivity and fostering a sense of career satisfaction for their staff.

The move will enable them to earn higher wages given the higher cost of living, said Mr Ng on Sunday, noting that NTUC has always championed lower-wage workers.

The PWM framework will provide employees a clear career pathway to upgrade themselves and become more productive. The implementation was done in close consultation with the Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union, FairPrice said.

The union’s general secretary, Mr Tan Hock Soon, said he looked forward to a continued partnership with FairPrice to benefit workers.

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