Security officer assaulted by condo resident

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Security officer assaulted by condo resident

TL;DR – A security officer was allegedly attacked without provocation.

A security officer working in a condominium located in the west was recently assaulted. The Union of Security Employees (USE) revealed that the incident occurred on August 29.

USE shared that the 55-year-old security officer, Afinde, was allegedly attacked without provocation while he was patrolling the premises with another officer.

The CCTV footage from a camera inside the lift showed the man grabbing onto the back of Afinde’s head and pushing him. The man continued attacking both security officers even after they have exited the lift.

Ongoing Police Investigations

With the help of his company’s management, Afinde filed a police report. Police investigations are ongoing.

USE shared that Afinde suffered minor surface injuries from the assault and the doctor gave him three days of medical leave to rest.

Representatives from USE visited Afinde at his home to check on him and give him some gifts and vouchers.

“Our officers carry out important duties as provided for under the law. We seek the support from the public to help ensure a safe environment for them to work in,” USE urged in its Facebook post.

Union of Security Employees, the union that will always have the Security Officers’ back!

The penalty for assault is a fine of S$7,500 and/or imprisonment of up to two years.

USEful hotline

Security officers can report any instances of abuse to USE via its helpline 6291 5145, or its email

Union of Security Employees: “Just this year, we have handled 18 cases of abuse towards our security officers”


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