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Should Wives Work?Should Wives Work?

TL;DR – Should women feel obligated to leave their careers aside so they can look after their kids? 

Women are forced to sacrifice their careers for the sake of their families and peer pressure. Here are some reasons why wives shoud not sacrifice their careers even after marriage and motherhood.

You will be happier

Arguably, some say that juggling family responsibilities and a job can cause high levels of stress which may result in depression.

According to a psychological study, women who continued working after motherhood showed no signs of stress but ladies who quit their job after having a baby experienced an increased level of psychological distress. However, several studies have proved that working mothers are less stressed out and anxious than non-working mothers.

The studies are based on pre-covid days. Of course, no one can deny that working from home would be very stressful because of the disruptions one’s children will bring. Thank goodness Covid is now under control and working moms can now work from the office.

Enjoy a happier marriage

Studies have shown that dual-earner couples have the highest marital satisfaction and quality. The main contributing factor is husbands feeling less financial pressure because of the extra income.

Women who stay at home tend to put their full attention on family matters and their husbands. As a result, husbands may feel suffocated with this extra concern at times, leading to tension in the relationship.

Be a role model for your kids

Being a mom who balances her professional life and family with poise will leave a positive impact on their kids.

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Stay-at-home moms tend to over-parent their kids which could end up harming them. As working moms spend most of their time outside the home, their kids would have time to develop self-independence and responsibility at a younger age.

Kids will notice that their working mom is managing everything from the office to matters at home with sheer dedication and this would inspire them to follow in their mom’s footsteps. Their mom’s actions could impart excellent work ethics and inspire them to do something meaningful in life.

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Financial independence

Wives no longer need to depend on their spouses for money, they can bear their own expenses

Financial independence is one of the most liberating aspects that will allow women to lead a quality life with respect. Earning money provides one with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

Keeping your own identity

Self-identity is important for personal growth and confidence. Many women have fallen trapped into losing their own individuality once they get married and become a mother.

Having a job provides them with a bigger sense of purpose and personal fulfilment. They will realize a life beyond their family and kids, giving them a sense of self-accomplishment and fulfilment.

If a woman decides to continue working, her family should support her without any criticism. Working will empower her to take the right decisions and contribute to her personal growth. A woman should work for the betterment of herself, her satisfaction and happiness wouldn’t you agree?

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