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TL;DR – Reflect, Reimagine and Restrategise.

Reflect. Reimagine. Restrategise.

Three words which encapsulated the essence of the Singapore Labour Journal believed to be a pioneering initiative across Southeast Asia.

The inaugural volume of this journal was launched earlier today (21 Oct) at the NTUC Labour Research Conference.

To be published yearly, the open-access journal gathers an eminent team of academics, practitioners, and tripartite partners to highlight the development of research and practice in labour issues and translate them into tangible strategies” in helping workers earn a better living.

Featuring insights from practitioners and peer-reviewed academic papers the journal focuses on current labour issues, reimagining new approaches and restrategising the way forward for unions in Singapore and the world.

Some of the topics featured in this journal –  engaging and organising workers through digital means, continuing education and training and empowering youths to realise their aspirations.

Sec-Gen Ng Chee Meng

In his opening address, the Secretary General of NTUC Mr Ng Chee Meng said the labour journal is a reflection of how “NTUC connects the head, hands and heart- Working with academics with research expertise and cognitive take on labour issues (the Head); NTUC and our unions working on the ground to explain and operationalise policies as well as listen to workers’ feedback (the Hand); by passionate union leaders and academics who are interested in our workforce and labour issues (the Heart)”.

The journal will be made available digitally on NTUC corporate website, National Library Board’s public libraries and websites while the hardcover copies will be made available to Singapore unions, relevant government agencies, trade associations, chambers, and foundations, as well as relevant regional and international trade union organisations.

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NTUC Labour Research Conference 2022 featured a series of dialogues and panel discussions with representatives from the union, Government and academia on selected labour topics from the Journal. Speakers included K. Thanaletchimi, Vice-President of National Trades Union Congress; and President of Healthcare Services Employees’ Union; NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Patrick Tay; and Wendy Tan, Head, Youth Development of National Trades Union Congress.


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