Wed. May 29th, 2024
online dating in singapore

TL;DR – Up your chances of getting swiped on dating apps.

A recent study revealed that a limited social circle, and not having opportunities to meet potential partners were the top reasons for singles in Singapore not currently dating.

Although singles were most comfortable meeting through organic or face-to-face settings, there were also more open to meeting partners through dating apps and websites.

Well, here’s one for the singles! If you’re single and looking to try out dating apps, here are some tips to improve your online dating profile (Ahem, spoken through someone who has found a partner online!)

Check for typos in your profile

First impressions count. You don’t want to let a typo mislead people into thinking that you can’t spell or grammar.

For the latter though, it is debatable. There’s nothing (too) shameful about bad grammar. Not everyone is great at grammar (like I am) and that’s perfectly understandable.

However, ‘like attracts like’. So, if you’re a grammar nazi and a spelling bee champion, make sure to attract the right people by double-checking your profile!

Try not to use your selfie

Especially not as the first image that people will see on your profile, complete with beauty filters.

If you really wanted to include a selfie in any of your profile pictures, PLEASE do exclude the toilet mirror selfies. Nobody wants to see sanitary bins or urinals in the background… We are sure there’s a nicer picture of you somewhere.

Try not to sound creepy

We have had enough stalkers and peeping tom stories on the news.

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The last thing we need is to read a creepy profile (unless, of course, if you’re looking for something else online). Please don’t scare the rest of us away with dubious comments about being into ‘Netflix and chill’ or liking ‘dtf’ – you know dtf doesn’t just stand for Din Tai Fung right?

But above all, what’s most important is really to –

Stay true to yourself!

Honesty is the best policy. After all, you’re hoping for the connection to lead to offline meet-ups. You don’t want someone to lie about being 177cm when he’s 165cm or someone who said that she loves kids but actually hates them.

Okay, that’s all of the four tips we have. If you feel very strongly and don’t want to take them up, then you shouldn’t. After all, this is part of ‘Staying true to yourself’.

I mean, who knows? Maybe someone on the app would really love seeing that toilet selfie of yours! #positivityiskey

If you have more tips, or a funny story to share, please share them with us in the comments too!

Oh, and whilst searching for love online, we would also like to remind everyone to stay vigilant and always be wary of potential romance scams.

3 traits Scammers prey on

Keep your heart and your bank account away from the prying hands of romance scammers!

By Joey Wee

I am nice, most of the time!