Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
flexible benefits

TL;DR – In case you haven’t utilised your flexible benefits.

As the year is coming to a close, have you maxed out all of the company benefits you’re entitled to? For some of us, the company allocates a certain budget for us to spend on our needs AKA ‘Flexible benefits’. While the sum might not be applicable for frivolous purchases such as clothing or luxury watches, they can still be used wisely in other ways.

This year, instead of scrambling to claim the expense at the very last minute (and earn the wrath of the finance department, why not start earlier? Here are some ideas to make use of your flexible benefits:

1. Spend it on a holiday

You’ve earned it. And this is especially so for those who have yet to travel since the border restrictions were relaxed. Not a fan of flights? How about a staycation with your loved ones? Remember though, to book using your name for ease of making your claims count later!

2. Use it on your gym membership

Don’t have a gym membership? You could also take the opportunity to subscribe to short-term packages at gyms or even try out a new exercise regime. For those who are uninitiated, yoga places and even spin studios are now offering class packages. This is perfect for those with smaller budgets (read: flexible benefits) or just looking to try out something new!

3. Visit the Dentist

When was the last time you visited the dentist? Dental hygiene is underrated – especially as we start going back to the office for meetings or go mask-off at social gatherings. Get your teeth checked, and fillings done.  Now, nobody wants to be wearing dentures too early, do we?

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4. Go for a health check-up

Did you know that it’s recommended to go for a full body check-up once every two to three years? It’s always good to nip problems in the bud, and that goes the same for any health problems. Working is important, but so is your health!

5. Insurance premiums

A total no-brainer is to spend the flexible benefits on your insurance premiums. After all, you’ll have to fork out some cash for these anyway. Claiming your premiums then leaves you some extra cash for things that Finance did not include in the policy – such as your next cup of $7 oat latte.

What else do you spend your flexi-benefits on? Let us know in the comments below!

By Joey Wee

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