A Rare Blood Moon is expected to appear today

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A Rare Blood Moon is expected to appear today

TL;DR – The blood moon is coming soon! Quickly find an unblocked view to gaze at it before it’s over. 

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon, earth and sun are aligned, and the moon passes into the earth’s shadow. It earned its name “Blood Moon” because of the dramatic red colour which is caused by the dispersed lighting from the sun flashing on the face of the moon.

Seen in Singapore for a limited time only!

According to the Science Centre Observatory, the penumbral eclipse is expected to start at 4.02 pm and the full eclipse at 6.16 pm.

Not sure if we are in any luck to see it clearly as the moon will only rise at 6.46 pm, hence, it will appear dark when it rises. It may also be too low in the sky to fully view the eclipse.

The phenomenon is projected to end at 7.41 pm.

Where’s the best spot to camp?

The Observatory suggested that enthusiasts should head to a location with an unblocked view of the Eastern horizon which is the opposite of where the sun sets.

Places you can consider is Marina Barrage, East Coast Park or Changi Beach. You can start camping there from 7 pm.

Does the eclipse mean anything?

Astrologists view lunar eclipses as a representation of transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change.

Eclipses are like the cosmic helping hand of the Universe. They may help to bring about events in your life that are part of the cosmic plan, in other words, gazing at it may allow you to see things more clearly than you have before!

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The lunar eclipses, in particular, are climaxes of emotional cycles that have run their course. They encourage us to let go of emotions and attachments that are no longer serving us. It represents a time for renewal and rejuvenation.

So gaze and it and let us know if anything changes in your life.

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