NTUC will help workers tide through challenging times

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NTUC will help workers tide over challenging times

TL;DR – NTUC and its Social enterprises will continue to moderate the Cost of Living. NTUC FairPrice has announced that it will be offering a discount on 500 essential items for the first six months of 2023.

Despite increasing inflation, GST will increase from seven to eight per cent starting January 1, next year! Before you go into a rampage of panic, take comfort in knowing what the Government is doing to cushion the impact on low and middle-income earners.

On top of that, NTUC and its Social Enterprises will continue to moderate the Costs of Living. Here are some cost-saving initiatives you can take advantage of.

  1. FairPrice “Greater Value Everyday”

This campaign consists of various discount and value schemes. For example, the Save Even More scheme benefits the Pioneer and Merdeka Generations. CHAS blue card holders will also enjoy the same existing discount schemes from Monday to Friday.

  1. NTUC FairPrice discounts

In response to the GST hike, NTUC FairPrice has announced that it will be offering a discount on 500 essential items for the first six months of 2023. This initiative applies to all FairPrice supermarkets, including FairPrice Online.

This basket of 500 essential items is put together based on items that customers frequently purchase. It comprise of national brands, house brands, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, staples, dairy, paper products and household cleaning agents.

  1. 10% savings at Kopitiam and NTUC Foodfare

By the end of this year, 2.4 million NTUC Members and NTUC Link Members will enjoy 10% discount when they use the NTUC FairPrice app for purchases at Kopitiam.

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How NTUC have been helping workers

When the pandemic first hit in 2020, NTUC Enterprise rolled out a S$50 million support package to help with the cost of living.

In 2021, another S$20 million support package was rolled out to manage the increased cost of living to help workers stretch their dollar across different areas like insurance, health care, education and financial planning.

This year, NTUC launched a S$3.7 million NTUC Care Fund (Special assistance) Programme in August to help 28,000 lower-wage workers defray daily expenses.

All of this support by the various Unions is on top of the support provided by the Government.

So you can be assured that NTUC will continue to actively monitor the impact of inflation and will work in tandem with the government to enhance our efforts when required.

Fair wages for FairPrice workers


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