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NTUC raised close to $7 million this year to help many needy families -
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Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

TL; DR NTUC-U Care just launched a video that is sure to warm your heart

As we approach the festive season, there is bound to be some viral festive ads that are sure to leave you emotional. Remember the ad by McDonald’s Ramadan commercial from 4 years ago and Singtel’s commercial for 2018 Lunar New Year. And who can forget the famous Thai Life Insurance commercial from our neighboring country featuring a deaf and dumb dad and his daughter. Oh gosh, cue the waterworks.


NTUC warm hearts with their new Social Experiment video

It is no different for the Christmas season this year! NTUC have prepared a heartwarming video that is sure to tug some heartstrings.

Unlike the commercials shared above that I’ve used as examples, NTUC took on a social experiment approach with this video. *Spoiler alert* It was heart-warming to see so many people coming forth to help the two little girls in the video but what’s important is that it raises the awareness that people should always step up to help those in need. And now they can do so by contributing to the NTUC-U Care Fund.


What is the NTUC-U Care Fund?

The NTUC Care Fund is an assistance programme which aims to assist our low-income union members to defray their cost of basic necessities and their children’s school expenses for the new school year, to lessen their financial burden.

The NTUC-U Care Fund was established in 2009 to consolidate the Labour Movement’s fundraising efforts to better the welfare of low-income union members and their families. Since its inception, the NTUC-U Care Fund has raised more than $110 miliion.

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Thirteen years on, NTUC continues to keep their promise. This year alone, NTUC raised close to $7 million for the NTUC-U Care Fund from various fundraising partnerships, donations from long-standing supporters and new organisations.

Over 15,000 lower-income union members and their family members have benefited from various assistance schemes that tapped upon these funds in 2022.

NTUC Assistant Director-General and Director of NTUC Care and Share Department, Zainal Sapari expressed his heartfelt thanks to partners and donors for their effort and contribution at an appreciation dinner held at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre on 9 November 2022.


“Through NTUC U Care Fund, we remain committed to helping our members through challenges, providing them with financial assistance to alleviate some of the cost pressures that they might face. We are grateful to the Labour Movement network and esteemed donors, who are dedicated to doing good in the face of economic uncertainties. Together with our partners, NTUC U Care Fund will continue our efforts in helping members to emerge stronger and to be more resilient in the face of adversities.”

NTUC Assistant Director-General and Director of NTUC Care and Share Department, Zainal Sapari

This is just one of many ways that NTUC has present its commitment to help the lower-income workers in need.


More funding and assistance for lower-income workers by NTUC

In the month of August this year, NTUC also launched a $3.7 million NTUC Care Fund (Special Assistance) programme to help 28,000 lower-wage workers defray daily expenses and higher inflation. The programme launched in August is targeted at helping lower-wage workers and their family members cope with the increased cost of living due to rising inflation this year. Members can get a one-time cash relief of up to $150 if they meet certain income criteria. More details on the programme here.

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There is also the NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) programme which continues to provide relief of up to $100 worth of assistance, with additional $100 per eligible school-going child.

The good work of NTUC continues to touch the hearts of many with many beneficiaries voicing their appreciation.


Every dollar counts

If the NTUC-U Care video has touched your heart las it did mine, why not contribute a little to this good cause?

Psssst, plus it is always a good way to enjoy some tax deductions.

Donating to Community Chest or any approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC) allows you to enjoy tax deductions of 2.5 times the qualifying donation amount and NTUC-U Care Fund is an approved IPC!

If you would like to donate, head over to

A little goes a long way and every dollar counts.

By Zahra