Importance of balancing work life and social life

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Importance of balancing work life and social life

TL;DR – Focusing only on work and neglecting your social life can affect your stress levels and in turn affect your well being. With your well being affected, your productivity could also get affected. It’s a vicious cycle. 

In general, Singaporeans are living a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle. We are caught in a rat race with a strong emphasis on an endless pursuit of progress. And because of this, Singapore takes pride in its achievements in global rankings of economic competitiveness, attractiveness, and affluence.

While living in a globalized capitalist society, we are bound to find happiness in material wealth. But studies have proven that our well-being includes the social support available to us.

Family and friends are more important to us than you think

Having a strong foundation of social relationships and networks can help us navigate through life. Simply having someone to share our joys with, or a shoulder to cry on when we are at our lowest, or simply finding comfort and warmth in the company of others can uplift our spirits and well-being.

Heaps of research have shown that relationships are intertwined with our emotions. When our relationships are going well, we feel happy, contentment and calm. When they are turning sour or are non-existent, we feel anxious, depressed, and lonely.

The risk of being engulfed with work is the risk of isolating ourselves and being disconnected from our family and friends. The risk is higher for individuals who are living alone and have a work-from-home option.  Working from home has its perks but if we are socially withdrawing ourselves by deciding not to head to work, we will end up spending most of our time secluded at home.

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Resorting to technology to maintain relationships

The technology works as a double-edged sword. It is seen as a tool for social interaction but because connectivity can be done remotely, technology has also proved to serve implications on the tendency of an individual to sustain existing relationships and limits the potential for new bonds to be forged. Which is why very few long-distance relationships work out. And new friends are harder to make through school orientations done via zoom.

You could feel burned out more often

Focusing most of your time on work can create tension in personal relationships. Having an imbalanced work-life balance could lead to stress, poor mental health, and fatigue. The adverse effects would be poor work performance, low productivity, and costly mistakes.

People who are well-rested and engaged are more likely to deal with stressful work situations better. Aside from getting ample rest, eating healthy and exercising regularly, having a support system, such as family and friends can help in coping with stress.

Catch up on your social life

The holidays are the best time of year to catch up with your family and friends. Take time off from work to join in the fun. These are the pillars of support you’ll need the most when you’re at your lowest so invest your time in them as they would with you.

Don’t get burned out this holiday season


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