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Jobs in high demand in 2023Jobs in high demand in 2023

TL;DR – New year, new career? Bored of your current career and thinking of a switch? Here are 3 types of careers you can consider that may not be too hard for you to transition into. 

If you are considering a career change, then knowing what jobs are in high demand should be one of the criteria in your decision-making process. Investing your time and money in training doesn’t guarantee employability, hence, seeking a role that is in high demand can increase your chances of landing a job after receiving training. That being said, there could be a fierce competition too.

Here are three types of jobs that would be in high demand and not too difficult to transit into.

1. Human Resources

If you enjoy a job that has clear work processes and enjoy interacting with people, then finding a job in the HR department could be suitable for you.

HR practitioners are no longer limited to administrative work, with technology integration, they are also using data analytics to understand the workforce better. Coaching and leadership courses would also benefit you in the role as employees may approach HR for career mentorship.

The following roles will be highly sort after:

  • Talent acquisition/ recruitment specialist
  • HR business partners

2. Sales and marketing

People who enjoy doing sales may not enjoy marketing and vice versa. People who love doing sales tend to be more confident, and extroverted and are great multitaskers while marketers tend to be more curious and creative. But both roles complement each other and the two departments are always required to work closely together to hit their targets.

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Receiving training in analytics, digital marketing, e-commerce, and CRM systems would help you stand out in the crowd better.

The following roles will be highly sort after:

  • Business development/ sales manager/ account manager
  • E-commerce sales and marketing
  • Content creation marketing

3. Technology

If you are a curious person and love problem-solving then a role in Tech could be suitable for you. It would be a plus if you already have a neck for coding.

Despite many tech firms retrenching their employees, tech-related jobs remain in high demand. Employers are willing to offer attractive packages to attract talent.

Roles in the following specializations are in higher demand:

  • Cyber security
  • Software development
  • AI development

Half the battle is won if you have the technical skills required. Companies are also looking for candidates who have experience in managing stakeholders and soft skills like presentation skills or interpersonal skills.

Deciding on a new career can be nerve-wracking. It means starting over, instability, and a lot of adaptation. But if you set your eye on the long-term rewards, it could be worth it!

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