Wed. May 29th, 2024
TL;DR NTUC’s key priority is to ensure that workers keep pace with transformation and remain relevant in a rapidly transforming economy. 

Do you ever feel like your job is constantly evolving, and you’re struggling to keep up? Well, you’re not alone. With Industry 4.0 technologies constantly reshaping work, it can be tough to stay on top.

In this year’s May Day Message, NTUC highlighted the approach to tackling these issues is to work closely with tripartite partners, including employers and the government, to create win-win outcomes for workers, businesses and the broader community.

“Workers around the world are today locking horns with their employers and governments. Strikes are used to express unhappiness over stagnant wages, retirement age, unfair work conditions, and an inability to cope with the rising cost of living.

The combative approach is not the NTUC approach. We believe such an approach would only bring lose-lose outcomes ultimately to involved parties and society as a whole.

Instead, we believe in standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our tripartite partners to tackle whatever challenges that come.”

One of NTUC’s key priorities is to ensure that workers keep pace with transformation, secure their positions and increase their value so that they can remain relevant in a rapidly transforming economy.

Training and upskilling initiatives, such as the Company Training Committees (CTC) have supported over 100,000 workers who have received training through the Training and Placement Ecosystem.

NTUC also hopes for more companies to adopt the Progressive Wage Model (PWM), aim to uplift the wages and work prospects of workers, including those in low-wage sectors.  By July 2023, some 135,000 workers including those in waste management, retail and food services sectors, will benefit from higher wages through the PWM.

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NTUC is also working to improve job security and protection for all workers such as:

✅Platform workers & self-employed individuals: receive adequate financial protection against work-related injuries, improve retirement and housing adequacy through CPF contributions, and the right to seek formal representation.

✅Tradesmen & Professionals for plumbers and electricians: improve wages and work prospects by pushing for the adoption of the proposed Career Progression Model.

✅PMEs: fairer employment practices, equal opportunities for career progression and lend support when unemployed involuntarily.

✅Workers with caregiving responsibilities: encourage employers to help balance work and family commitments by implementing flexible work arrangements.

✅Older workers: who wish to continue working longer career runway with higher retirement and re-employment ages, continue advocating in raising the retirement and re-employment ages and lobbying to raise the Central Provision Fund (CPF) contribution rates to help you grow retirement nest egg.

✅Youths: Acknowledging their concerns such as career planning, financial adequacy and mental well-being NTUC is committed to equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their career journey.

So, as we celebrate May Day, let’s thank all those who have joined the NTUC in creating a better present and brighter future for all workers. By standing together, we can create a win for workers, a win for employers, and a win for Singapore.

Happy May Day!

Read NTUC May Day Message 2023 in full at

For a video message by NTUC President Mary Liew and NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng, click here:


By Hannah