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TL;DR – Following an unjust termination after maternity leave, an employee fights for her rights with help from NTUC U PME.

Unjust termination can be distressing. By familiarizing yourself with your rights, you can engage legal assistance and secure the necessary support to navigate through this challenging period, as illustrated in the following case involving a Singaporean tech employee.

Susan (not her real name), a former regional senior data analyst with over 11 years of exemplary performance, found herself unexpectedly dismissed upon returning from maternity leave. Susan had been a top performer in her role until her maternity leave in August 2022. Upon her return in January 2023, she was summoned to the manager’s office, where she was handed a termination letter, leaving her in shock.

Despite Susan’s pleas to her superiors, her requests were ignored, and she was instructed to leave the premises within an hour, escorted to her desk by security officers and her manager. Can you imagine how distressing this can be? This abrupt and unjust termination could have led her into a downward spiral of depression!

Now, unfair dismissal occurs when an employer terminates an employee’s contract without a valid reason or fails to follow proper termination procedures. In Susan’s case, the timing of her dismissal immediately after maternity leave and the hasty enforcement raise questions about the fairness of her termination.

Following an unjust termination, an employee retains certain rights. Legal advice can be sought, and options include filing a wrongful termination claim or seeking assistance from union representatives. Legal aid centers often provide timely advice on unfair dismissal.

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Susan and her husband secured an appointment with NTUC U PME to review her case. The consultant from U PME informed Susan that he would take up the case after studying the facts of the case in detail. Several meetings happened between the consultant and the company’s senior management team.

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These discussions resulted in a severance package of nearly $80,000, equivalent to one month’s pay for each of the 11 years she dedicated to the company. Unions play an important role in supporting their members!

In addition to legal assistance, managing one’s emotional and mental well-being is crucial after an unjust termination. If you find yourself in a similar situation, seeking counseling support can help alleviate stress and facilitate an effective transition. For Susan, the intervention from NTUC not only brought about a satisfactory resolution but also prevented a potential decline in her mental health. Susan expressed her relief and gratitude to NTUC, stating, “Without NTUC’s help, life would have been difficult, and, most likely, I would have gone into depression.”

For individuals facing wrongful termination, understanding unfair dismissal, knowing your rights, and seeking the appropriate support are paramount.

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