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TL;DR – Event seeks to support Malay/Muslim workers to remain employed and optimise available opportunities by equipping them with the necessary skill sets

The first Jobs and Skills Carnival @ South East brought together community partners and residents from across Singapore on Sunday, 19th November. Minister for Social and Family Development Mr Masagos Zulkifli and Mr Desmond Tan Kok Ming, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) were also present at the event. 

Mayor of South East District, Mohd Fahmi bin Aliman shared that through this carnival, they hope to support the Malay Muslim workforce to remain employed and optimise available opportunities by equipping them with the necessary skill sets. Through the carnival, they also hope to reach out to the following groups of Malay/Muslim workers: 

Firstly, platform workers. To support Malay/Muslim workers, especially youth, who are doing platform work can have the option to explore various national initiatives available for upskilling and transitioning into growth industries.  

Secondly, Back-to-Work Women: Yayasan MENDAKI has been providing support and encouragement for women to reenter the workforce and contribute to their family income through their Women@Work programme.  

Thirdly, for Youth: Our youth play a key part in the future of Singapore, and preparing them for what lies ahead, developing their strengths and capabilities through empowerment programmes that widen opportunities for various education and career pathways is important.  

Apart from providing youth with resources, schemes and training programmes, mentoring is an equally important component of their development. Connecting youth with mentors and role models in the community helps guide and inspire them to realise their potential.  

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Youth also need career guidance on opportunities in growth industries. At the event, they were able to pick up beneficial information for their career ahead.  

Since M3 introduced its fourth focus area (FA4) on Employment and Employability back in 2020, they have come a long way.  

Support for all workers

At the Jobs Zone at Anjung, e2i coaches offered guidance for a smooth transition into growth industries. Lifelong Learning Institute has also curated interactive booths with  community partners, and training providers. The SkillsFuture Advice @ South East CDC was also present to provide SkillsFuture Advice consultations. 

From platform workers, to women workers and youth workers, through this carnival, they hope to guide and equip our Malay Muslim workforce with the relevant skills that they need to prepare for the future disruption in our economy.  

MOU Signing between SMCCI and NTUC Learning Hub  

Another milestone was the signing of MOU between Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) and NTUC Learning Hub (LHUB). SMCCI will collaborate closely with NTUC Learning Hub to engage with the Malay/Muslim community, workforce, and companies, encouraging their involvement in national employability programs aimed at enhancing their skills and employability. 

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