MOE releases series of graphics to teach you how not to “helicopter parent”

By June 8, 2017Current

TL;DR – So you don’t end up sending a lawyer’s letter over a confiscated handphone.

Kids these days. They are either easily-bruised strawberries or worse, durians – obnoxiously repugnant, soft on the inside and extremely protected by their thorny parents. The type of parents who will engage a lawyer to send the school a letter of demand over their son’s confiscated handphone.

(We made it to BBC by the way thanks to them, except that it was reported that the father is a lawyer and had sent the letter himself).  

The Ministry of Education released a series of graphics on their Facebook page last Friday, June 2, asking parents if they are “helicopter parenting” their children and how “constantly hovering over your child may hurt his development”.

Here are the infographics. Some are quite funny I must say.


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