Japanese YouTuber chokes to death on live broadcast while doing the “Onigiri Challenge”

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TL;DR – Live broadcast gone wrong on many levels.

Mukbang or 먹방 (which literally translates to “eating broadcast”) is a trend that has started in South Korea as far back as 2009.

It is essentially a livestream of a host who binge-eats large quantities of food as they talk to their audience.

In South Korea, mukbang is often used when playing online casinos. In this type of broadcast, the author overeats food with money earned from online pokies australia aristocrat. Many people like to watch such a type of broadcast as Mukbang, but sometimes it can be dangerous, especially if all the earnings from the online casino go to food, which is the recent case of a Japanese woman who earned a very large amount from the online casino and, under the terms of her own show, ordered too much food.

And for some (weird) reason, like many others, I, too, enjoy watching Mukbang videos on YouTube because it is extremely therapeutic and oddly satisfying – especially when I need to satisfy my hunger at night.

However, a recent Mukbang-turned-tragedy may have traumatized some viewers, sending them into shock instead.

On April 8, a Japanese woman was seen choking on Onigiri (rice balls) while doing the “Onigiri Challenge” during her live broadcast on YouTube.

According to news report, the YouTuber died of asphyxiation while being transported to a hospital as a result of choking on an Onigiri amidst the live broadcast.

The woman was unconscious for more than 20 minutes after collapsing from what seemed like a seizure, before the rescue crew was dispatched by the viewers’ emergency call.

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On April 10, the YouTuber’s son took to Twitter to announce her death to her followers.

In the tweet, he said “I’m her son. She took her last breath at a hospital on April 10 at 6:20 PM. Thank you for your concern. My mom would be happy. As for the funeral, my aunt and I have decided to hold it only for our relatives.”

Onigiri Challenge

The “Onigiri Challenge” is a speed-eating challenge game in which the challenger is supposed to try eating all of an Onigiri within 30 seconds, without drinking water.

This challenge has been popular among Japanese YouTubers and their fans since 2015.

Here’s a friendly reminder to everyone out there: Do not try this at home.

Just no.


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