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1. Do you Singlish?

So Gwee Li Sui, a poet, graphic novelist and literary critic from Singapore, had a piece Do You Speak Singlish? published on New York Times 10 days ago. Probably ruffled some feathers in some quarters and this letter happened,

Via NYTimes
Via NYTimes


We see where the G is coming from, and why they see the need to respond. But, we agree with Bertha Henson of The Middle Ground that the letter could have been written in a different (yes, more gracious) way and still get the point across. To quote a friend, that last line was dripping with sarcasm, dripping all the way from Singapore to New York and back.

Meanwhile, don’t miss Gwee’s post and his reminder call for us all to keep using proper English.


2. We want ‘Bun Cha’ too

POTUS is in the house! Yea, US President Obama’s on his visit to Asia, starting with Hanoi, Vietnam. Last night, he popped by a streetside restaurant with chef and food critic, Anthony Bourdain. Not surprising that Singaporeans are more interested in what Obama ate than we are in his announcement that the US would be lifting a decades-old ban on weapon sales to their one-time enemy.

Via Instagram
Via Anthony Bourdain’s Instagram


Via Anthony Bourdain's Twitter
Via Anthony Bourdain’s Twitter


Curious about Bun Cha? Here’s all you need to know about Bun Cha.

3. PSA: DHL Scam Alert


4. Oh, sweet spoiler revenge!

Anyone who follows Game of Thrones know to avoid social media on Mondays or at least they have caught up with the show, lest they accidentally stumble upon spoilers. So what’s the sweetest revenge to plot against a fan?

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5. Do you have more of an Asian or Western view of the world?

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