This Singtel love story is better than Twilight

By May 26, 2016Current

TL;DR – Them feels.

It seems that Singapore’s finally take a leaf out of Thailand’s books and coming up with some pretty rad TV commercials of our own.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 14.03.24
This 3-minute advertisement directed by Boo Junfeng for Singtel titled Goodbye, Hello features best-friends-turned-couple John and Emily, weathering through young love filled with…

Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.50.34


Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.50.44

And long distances,

Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.51.13

Asshole ex-boyfriends…

Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.51.45

And watching movies together.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.58.26

And of course, the most important way (or maybe, the only way these days) to let the world know who’s your bae.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.52.36

Oh yes, going through NS.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.52.58

Well, at least this is more creative than “Want to apply for BTO?”

See the full commercial here:

Nubbad Singtel, you’ve gotten us all warm and fuzzed up inside.


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