Horror as truck ploughs into crowd in Nice and McDonald’s curry sauce at $4.50 a pop

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TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you at 5pm.

1) Horrific terror attack in Nice kills dozens

(Via @r0eland)

(Via @r0eland)

A truck that went barrelling into a crowd in Nice has left dozens dead and many more injured. More on the deadly attacks that that happened after a Bastille Day fireworks display here

2) Government takes over SMRT’s operating assets



What? Did the Government just do a “All your base are belong to us” move? More here

3)Banker jailed for stealing S$336,850 from 4 elderly

(Via CNa)

(Via CNA)

How does he sleep at night? We have no idea. More here

4) Calvin Harris’ Twitter rant against ex Taylor Swift

taylor swift

(Via Google Images)

More relationship drama from Taytay’s ex Calvin Harris as he took to Twitter to accused Taylor and her people for “making him look bad”. Deets here

5)McDonald’s Curry Sauce at $4.50 a pop 

(Via CNA)

(Via CNA)

Be right guys – grabbing me some Curry Sauce! Don’t say good stuff never share.


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