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TL;DR – Be smarter lah. 

Economy is not looking good. Some people are concerned about how they can make ends meet. Even water prices will be increased. Any little bit that can help lighten the financial burden will definitely be welcomed.

So if you see something like this:

Via Facebook

You’ll be forgiven for wanting to complete the survey so that you can get gift vouchers from FairPrice:

Wow! Vouchers! (via Facebook)

These vouchers definitely would help lighten the financial burden of daily expenses!

Quickly do the survey!

But oh, wait.

This is the fine print that comes up after you complete the survey:

Beware the fine print! (via Facebook)

So apparently, you’ll need to give them your mobile number and send them an SMS after completing the survey.


Once you’ve done that, it looks like you would have been scammed. You would have subscribed to some “service”, where you’ll have to pay a weekly fee. The subscription fee for the first week is $17.12 with GST. Thereafter, the weekly subscription fee is $8.56 with GST. Know what? This $8.56 can get you more than two plates of chicken rice at a hawker centre.

We have reached out to FairPrice for their comment. We are still waiting for their response, and will update once we hear from them.

But we are pretty sure that this is a scam, or a near-scam that wants to get as many people to submit their telephone number to get onto the weekly “subscription service” so that they can start deducting money from you. And there will be people who don’t really check their monthly telco bills, and may miss the deductions.

So now, be careful if you see this sponsored Facebook post on your feed. We first saw this survey by clicking on this Facebook post:

via Facebook

On the surface, it looks like the post is a news article from the Business Times. Can it really be? The headline reads,

“The Death of Fair.Price in Singapore!”

Firstly, it says “Fair.Price”. That’s wrong. It should be FairPrice. Secondly, do you really think FairPrice will die in Singapore?

But most importantly, one of our readers had reached out to Business Times to find out if they had really written such and article. And their response is that they hadn’t, and that they will be reporting this to Facebook.

So there, we really think this is a scam. If you see this Facebook post, don’t click on it. If you click on it, don’t do the survey. If you do the survey, DO NOT, under any circumstance, DO NOT give them your mobile number and DO NOT send them any SMS.

Be smart. Don’t be scammed.


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