Now that Chomp Chomp’s finally reopened, here’s what you need to eat

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TL;DR – Supper, anyone?

With Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens closed for renovation the past few months, it seems that everybody’s rejoicing at the thought of not having prata for supper now that it’s finally reopened. No offence to RK House and Srisun Express both in the ‘hood but there definitely are those days where we really feel like having hokkien mee, orh luak, satay bee hoon and a good cup of sugarcane juice.

Here are our top picks!

1) Ah Hock Hokkien Mee

If you’re a fan of the super wet kind of hokkien mee then this might not be the style that you’re used to, but this version uses the thin white bee hoon which in my opinion, absorbs the flavour better and packs a mean wok hei. The chilli is really good too!

2) Chomp Chomp Satay Bee Hoon

It’s hard to miss this stall with its snaking queue and regular patrons swear by the dish’s creamy peanut sauce which they say goes really well with the noodles, kang kong, cuttlefish and prawns.

3) Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster

No hawker centre meal is complete without orh luak or fried oyster and the perennial favourite seems to be Ang Sa Lee’s. The egg is always crispy and well-mixed with the corn starch, the oysters are plump and fresh and the chilli is of the right sweet-tangy-spicy blend.

4) Good Luck Chicken Wings

The chicken wings from this stall are usually barbecued just right – the skin is crispy and a little charred yet the meat remains tender and juicy. There’s also that smokiness from the charcoal fire that adds that special touch to this otherwise simple dish!

5) Chong Chong Pork Porridge & Macaroni

I couldn’t understand why would my girl friend order porridge on a supper night out when there are 1234567 tastier (and unhealthier) options but after stealing a bite of her pork congee, I think I got it. The porridge is really smooth, flavourful and comes chock full with ingredients. The ultimate comfort food for rainy days!

6) Carrot Cake

This stall is just named Carrot Cake (yeah, when you’re so good you don’t even need a brand) and the star factor here is the chilli. It has a sour bite to it and goes really well with both the black and white variants of this dish though I will personally recommend the black.

7) Swee Heng Wanton Mee

If you like your wanton mee the traditional style with lots of lard, then you’ve got to try this. The stall has both the yellow egg noodles and green spinach noodles which has a different texture from the usual.

8) Chomp Chomp Fried Kway Teow Mee

The char kway teow here comes drenched in eggs, lup cheong, cockles and calories but well-worth every single guilty yet pleasurable bite.

9) Sugarcane tower

It all started with the huge mugs of sugarcane juice but that’s so passé. The trend now is to have a tower of sugarcane juice at your table while you wolf down your carrot cake and char kway tiao. There are several stalls selling such towers at Chomp Chomp so you can happily take your pick!


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