Did you know Singlish is in the Oxford dictionary?

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Steady Lah, Unscrambled.sg

TL;DR – There are a total of 27 words officially in it.

So apparently, there is a total of 27 Singlish words that are officially in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The words “lah” and “sinseh” first started the ball rolling in March 2000 when the online version of OED was launched, before “kiasu” joined in 2007 and the other amazing additions followed.

Some say there are “good qualities” to Singlish and even expats are going for classes to learn Singlish! We can’t say that Singlish is entirely good, but it is definitely part of our culture.

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Here are the words that have earned their way into the OED:

  1. Ah Beng
  2. Aiyah
  3. Aiyoh
  4. Ang moh, n.
  5. Atas
  6. Blur, n.
  7. Char Kway Teow
  8. Char siu, n.
  9. Chilli crab, n.
  10. Chinese helicopter, n.
  11. Hawker centre, n.
  12. HDB, n.
  13. Kiasu
  14. Killer litter, n.
  15. Lah
  16. Lepak, n.
  17. Lepak, v.
  18. Lepaking
  19. Shiok, interjection and adjective
  20. Sabo, n.
  21. Sabo, v.
  22. Sabo king, n.
  23. Sinseh
  24. Sotong, n.
  25. Teh Tarik, n.
  26. Wah, interjection
  27. Wet market, n. S.E. Asian

Steady Lah, Unscrambled.sg

What other words would you like to see in the dictionary?

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